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Made in China

Product Code XP46

Sliced ​​Moxa Cigars

5.50 € net

Sliced ​​moxa cigars, each cigar has a total length of 21cm. Each slice is 2.6cm in length and has a diameter of 2cm. 100% Artemisia Argyi. Product Details ...

1 unit = 10 rolls
VAT is not included.
from 1 unit 5.50 €


Made in China

Product Code ND37

Smokeless Moxa Sticks (Hollow Centre)

4.10 € net

Thin moxa rods with hollow centre. L12 cm, Ø 6 mm. Pre-burned and then compacted to the moxa coal. Product Details ...

1 unit = 30 pieces
VAT is not included.
from 1 unit 4.10 €


Doc Save

Product Code NN47

Acrylic Cupping Jar with Suction Ball

from 3.53 € net

Unbreakable cupping jar with suction ball. Removable suction ball. 5 cupping jar sizes. Information refers to diameter of jar opening. Product Details ...

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